favorite summer décor for under $50

Summer is undoubtedly the most exciting and playful time for new home décor. It’s a fun time to experiment with things that are on the quirky, weird, and wonderful side. We all take ourselves a little less seriously in the summer months and I love seeing how cheekiness is reflected in homewares. Refreshing a room with a few pops can make a huge impact. Whenever you walk in the room you will be reminded ‘oh yes, it’s summer. I should kick my shoes off, make an iced tea and go soak up the sun’.

This time of year I scour for the best and brightest in summer home décor. These are my faves for under $50. Let’s do it!

  1. This Stoneware coffee press is an adorable, super solid, and functional piece to add to your coffee repertoire. A bight and cheerful accent piece for any countertop.

  2. A desktop mini fine art piece by this lovely maker is sure to keep you smiling all through the working day.

  3. Bamboo crockery is all the rage and for good reason – light, durable, easy to clean, and kid-friendly. I’m loving this Anthropologie collection for outdoor entertaining.

  4. Aphrodite goddess candles are showing up everywhere and they’re oh so fun. Kind of unexpected and eclectic when mixed in a collection with other candles.

  5. Solar-powered LED lights for outdoor spaces are magic. They will instantly elevate any deck, patio, or garden and the installation is completely hassle-free. Just the best!

  6. To balance out all of that colourful décor these dried star pods are very unique and interesting. I have one displayed on a shelf in my entryway and it’s a real eye-catcher.

  7. As always, fashion has crossed over into home décor and we’re seeing lots of braid details showing up. These little braided frames are a perfect way to incorporate the trend for very little money.

  8. Tapered candles are in in a big way and I love them. Fun to mix and match and so very chic.

  9. Cute vintage gardening shears may be the most impractical gardening tool since the thumb knife BUT I still need to have them! Display them in a vignette with freshly cut flowers, or hang them on the wall as a decorative piece.

  10. I found this playful pitcher at Nuspace in Montreal and fell in love with it. Perfect for a shared cocktail craft.

I hope you’re enjoying all things summertime friends!

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