bold paint colours for accent furniture

Painting furniture is a great way to test out a bold paint colour before committing to an entire room. It’s also a fun way to incorporate a colour trend that you don’t want to go all in on. Hello there jewel tones!

This week I’ve been testing out spring-inspired colours, and I’ve found some beauties. I loved the blue so much that I went ahead a painted Oisin’s room with it. It looks amazing matched with the warm natural furniture and pops of yellow decor.

If you don’t have anything to paint, wood furniture is all over Facebook marketplace and other buy/ sell sites for free or for very little. Pick up an accent piece and some paint and you have a nice little weekend project.

Priory Wall by ColourtrendDeep cool blue grey, warm with neutral whites and lighter

This blue is delightfully easygoing. A mid-tone that pairs really well with other natural tones. It would be perfect for the base of a dresser with the drawers left in a distressed wood finish for a shabby chic vibe.

Fairy Fort by Colourtrend ‘Soft khaki tone, beautiful with cool neutrals in large areas’

Firstly, how can you not fall in love with a green called fairy fort? This green pairs really well with burgundy or rich wine colours. I also upcycled a sideboard in this colour and matched it with bronze hardware which looks classic.

Pansy Posie by Colourtrend

This pinky purple is the perfect amount of soft and sweet for an accent piece. If you’re not a purple lover, this is a great test colour to dip your toe in and see how you feel. Pair it with cobalt blue decor pieces all the live-long day.

Happy painting!

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