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  • wreath making step by step

    wreath making step by step

    Making a wreath is truly the most satisfying decor craft there is – okay maybe pottery overtakes it, but only slightly. You start with a few piles of foliage and a few very simple tools, add about an hour of enjoyable work, and voila! A beautiful creation that you get to hang on your door […]

  • how to paint a room – fast

    how to paint a room – fast

    Painting a room is hands down the cheapest and easiest way to transform a space. For this reason, I love a good ol’ painting project. In our new house, I’ve decided to paint every room and mamma mia, my back hurts just thinking about the amount of painting I have to get done! To rip […]

  • tips for making a big move with little kids

    tips for making a big move with little kids

    I can NOT believe that we made it happen. A year ago we were sitting in our backyard in Canada chatting about maybe, possibly, perhaps moving to Ireland and poof now we’re here! Of course, every big move comes with a zillion small decisions along the way. Some are fun to think about, some are […]

  • how to care for wood furniture

    how to care for wood furniture

    Sometimes the furniture that you find, thrift, or have been charitably gifted (thanks Uncle Larry for the dilapidated chair) is filthy and barely discernable as something that would reside in a home. It takes a keen eye to spot a diamond in the rough. If you have a tugging feeling that there might be something […]

  • favorite summer décor for under $50

    favorite summer décor for under $50

    Summer is undoubtedly the most exciting and playful time for new home décor. It’s a fun time to experiment with things that are on the quirky, weird, and wonderful side. We all take ourselves a little less seriously in the summer months and I love seeing how cheekiness is reflected in homewares. Refreshing a room […]